Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy Stabilizer

Sulky brand printable stabilizer product cover.  The cover includes information on ways to use Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy

 Sulky Stick and Stitch available here.



Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy Stabilizer Instructions, PDF download


How to use Stick ’n Stitch to easily get a design in place for Hand Embroidery

1. Print a design onto Stick ’n Stitch by placing the design in a copy machine (or you can print a design that your computer sends to your ink-jet or bubble-jet printer). Place Stick ’n Stitch in the paper tray so that the design will print on the fabric side - not the release sheet. Use a light (draft) setting on your printer or copy machine to print your design, then peel off and dispose of the release sheet; smooth the printed design in place for Hand Embroidery, Appliqué, Quilting or Punch Needle.

2. Once stitching is completed, carefully cut away the excess Stick ’n Stitch. Remove any that remains by submerging and agitating the project in warm water for 2 to 3 minutes OR use your kitchen spray hose or faucet by holding the project at an angle under the running water; rinse from top to bottom to be sure all the ink is flowing away from your project. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry on a towel or in a dryer, if your project allows. If any stiffness remains after it is dry, simply repeat the process. Note: Since printers and inks vary, always do a test sample to verify that your ink does not bleed, and that it washes out completely along with the Stick ’n Stitch. If the ink in your printer or copy machine bleeds, use a different machine. Also, some copy machines or printers may prefer that the Stick ’n Stitch is fed into it one sheet at a time. Fabric manufacturers use different finishes and/or sizings, some of which may prevent Stick ’n Stitch from sticking to them. If this occurs, soak your fabric first to remove the finish and/or sizing; dry and use.

3. Stick ’n Stitch is also great for transferring a design for machine applications like quilting, monogramming, thread sketching, or as a template for computerized machine embroidery. Visit for more ideas and to sign up for our informative newsletter.

BONUS HINT: Stick ’n Stitch helps you stitch better because it has a slight grid pattern, which you can use to space your stitches more evenly. Also, you can move or reposition your design if you don’t like your initial placement; and you may not need an embroidery hoop because Stick ’n Stitch holds the fabric stable, which minimizes distorted fabric! 


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